Sea more, greenwash less


sea more, greenwash less

In the evening of the first day of the G7 summit Boris Johnson and a Fossil Fuel Fool were spotted setting light to a Viking ship. The sail held the words ‘As The Sea Dies We Die’ – a statement the two characters were keen to burn away.

Without a healthy, living sea there’s no healthy living planet. But evidence shows that unless there is an immediate and radical shift to address both marine acidification from burning oil and gas, and pollution from toxic chemicals and plastic, then all carbonate based marine life, including plankton, seals, whales, birds and fish, will disappear from our seas for ever within the next 25 years.

According to a report by the GOES foundation, over the last 70 years we have lost more than 50% of all marine life due to pollution, yet this has gone largely unacknowledged by those in power. Marine plants produce more than 90% of our oxygen, so they, and not the Amazon rainforest, are the true lungs of our planet.

The Ocean Rebellion sail was burned within sight of Tregenna Castle hotel where delegates to the G7 summit are staying.

Sophie Miller of Ocean Rebellion says:
“Kill the oceans and we can kiss goodbye to a stable climate. And without a stable climate our societies will collapse. And yet the G7 governments are failing us. We call on them to get a grip NOW!”

Rob Higgs of Ocean Rebellion adds:
“The burning boat represents the death of our oceans. The seas are dying. The UK government knows this, yet continues with their genocidal choice to kill the sea in the pursuit of short term profits. For example, Boris’ covid recovery fund invests 97% in fossil fuel industries which are acidifying the oceans and exterminating marine life, and only 3% in renewables. This is whilst claiming to be environmentally friendly. That’s the definition of greenwash. To pretend to care for the natural world, whilst knowingly destroying it. Ocean Rebellion demands the UK government prioritises genuine, rigorous and effective action on climate & nature breakdown at the G7 rather than ongoing empty promises and waffle.”

Daisy Pearson of Ocean Rebellion says:
“People don’t realise how close we are to irreversible Ocean tipping points. We need to think about the seas as a part of ourselves. Our health and survival is bound to the health and survival of the Ocean. As well as being crucial to regulating the temperature of the Earth, approximately 3 billion people in the world rely on the seas for their primary source of protein. Our disregard of the Ocean means they are suffering, now.”

Clive Russell of Ocean Rebellion adds:
“Come on heads of state—rise to the occasion and surprise us this time. The Ocean is in a shocking state and it’s only getting worse. Your job is to protect your people and you are failing dismally.”

Roc Sandford of Ocean Rebellion says:
“The G7 heads of state are in denial. None of them have policies adequate to save our lives. They’ve just agreed a tech tax. But now they must set a high and steeply rising carbon price, with border adjustment and a globally just redistribution of the proceeds, sufficient to drive down fossil fuel use at a rate of well over 10% a year. Scientists and economists say this is necessary NOW to avert a runaway climate and ocean biodiversity collapse.”

as the sea dies we die

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