About us

Because the sea is rising we will rise
Because the coral is fading we will fight
As the seas are mined we will mobilise
While the oceans are plundered we will protest

Protect our waters like you protect your children
Don’t let life drain away

Ocean Rebellion is a grassroots international art collective who tackle Ocean degradation and biodiversity loss by conceiving playful, emotive and spectacular art interventions.

Launched in August 2020 Ocean Rebellion (OR) joins the dots between the multitude of problems affecting the Ocean. We recognise the Ocean is not an infinite resource for exploitation, it is a wondrous home to marine life and the lungs of the Earth, the sea is dying and as the sea dies we die.

OR is a collective of many ships, each ship is self-governing and part of a growing fleet, all connected and sailing as one. If your sea lacks a ship and you’re interested in setting sail with us contact us below and we’ll throw you a line (or better still drum up a workshop), please let us know your location.