Police accost industrial fishers on behalf of the Ocean


Today the UN (or maybe just Portugal) took its first step in policing the Ocean by escorting our 'Fish heads' away from the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon.

The grumpy Policemen surrounded our representations of Industrial Fishing seemingly annoyed at the fishy mess they were oozing – even though it was no where near the scale of dead marine life dumped in the Ocean every year as 'bycatch'.

Scientist estimate 406,000 tonnes of marine life is killed incidentally every year. Imagine if that was dumped outside the conference!

Considering the UN welcomes demonstrators and activists we were surprised they didn't welcome our 'Fish heads'.

After all the same 'Fish heads' seem to have a big say in setting the quotas for national and international fishing.

Afterwards Ocean Rebellion cleaned up the mess.

We demand the UN tries harder to do the same for the Ocean.

Photos: João Daniel Pereira.

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