⬆️ Wagamama in Clink Street, Borough. We trod softly up to their window and pasted our posters below their sign.

Yesterday evening, while tourists were tucking into their evening meal, we were out ‘painting’ the streets of Borough.

This time our posters drew attention to Wagamama’s decision to ditch their own social responsibility claim of ‘treading softly’ to instead serve farmed salmon.

⬆️ A pedestrian checks out the QR code on our poster outside ‘The Restaurant Group’ HQ (owners of Wagamama), 5-7 Marshalsea Rd, Borough.

So what’s wrong with Wagamama serving farmed salmon and why does it drive hunger?
The answer is simple:

– Wagamama feeds unsuspecting customers salmon sourced from salmon farms.
– These salmon farms are feeding their farmed salmon wild fish.
– The wild fish is caught at an industrial scale on the West African coast.
– Now there’s barely any wild fish left for locals.

And this means local fisher folk are struggling to survive, they rely on wild fish to live – not just to earn a living but ACTUALLY live.

Wagamama’s decision to serve farmed salmon is driving hunger, and hunger leads to starvation.

⬆️ Our posters are all over Borough, this one is on the busy high street.

⬇️ And this poster is one of several outside London Bridge Station.

Wagamama it’s time to take your social responsibility seriously, if you really want to ‘tread softly’ you must start by taking salmon off your menu.

The fate of the Ocean depends on us all.
Our interventions depend on your support.

And, if you don’t think causing starvation in another part of the world is a good reason (which would make you corporate arseholes btw), then maybe the ridiculously high mortality rates of farmed salmon will provide motivation? Salmon farming is animal cruelty.

⬆️ Food, Art, History + MISCHIEF. Take Salmon off the table Wagamama or there will be more MISCHIEF.

And if animal cruelty isn’t another good reason for removing farmed salmon from your menu, Wagamama (and if animal cruelty and causing starvation aren’t good enough reasons then we’re sure you know what you are), then perhaps your customers deserve to know about the sea lice that infest farmed salmon? Sea lice that eat salmon alive in crowded cages! And your customers should certainly be informed about the antibiotics salmon farms pump into farmed salmon – the same drugs you, Wagamama, are feeding your customers every time you plate up farmed salmon.

⬆️ Another poster on Borough High Street.

Wagamama take farmed salmon off your table.

If you want to let Wagamama know how you feel about farmed salmon please sign this petition.

And please don’t eat at Wagamama – it’s not worth the suffering it causes.

⬆️ Captain Pugwash and his crew pasting up Borough.

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