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Members of Ocean Rebellion arrived in beautiful Lisbon this weekend.

Lisbon is hosting UN delegates and (a few) world leaders, in it’s own words:

The Ocean Conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Kenya and Portugal, comes at a critical time as the world is seeking to address many of the deep-rooted problems of our societies laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic and which will require major structural transformations and common shared solutions that are anchored in the SDGs. To mobilize action, the Conference will seek to propel much needed science-based innovative solutions aimed at starting a new chapter of global ocean action.

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Big ambitions and an acronym – SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals, but does this actually amount to anything?

And what are science-based innovations?

The UN has two agencies who both ‘look after’ the Ocean in some way. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the International Seabed Authority (ISA). And when it comes to fishing the UN has created SDG 14 – a voluntary commitment that only provides advice.

The IMO and ISA are both, in their own particular ways, intent on aiding industry and SDG 14 seems to be entirely ignored with industrial fishing on the increase.

A simple solution to some of our overfishing woes is to ban Bottom Trawling, worldwide, today. The wonderful Sylvia Earle certainly agrees.

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Our members also prepared for a busy week with a workshop. Inviting local artists and performers to get involved.

Watch this space.

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You can download and print the posters above using these links, either commercially or on a home printer.

UN poster:

Black and White posters:

Colour posters:

And if you want to paste them up locally just follow this handy guide here

Alternatively you can print them out and use them for whatever you like 🙂

Happy printing (and pasting).

Photos (all except top): João Daniel Pereira.

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