We know that ‘Every Little Helps’ so we’ve introduced new labelling to the Tesco Express in Regent Street, London.

It’s about time their loyal customers understood what buying tinned tuna from Tesco really means. And our new ‘Chumpcard’ scheme rewards customers by clearly labelling the amount of marine life each can of tuna really kills. You might not be eating a turtle when you make your cheese and tuna melt, but you have purchased a product that will have helped kill one.

⬆️ Do you want Dolphin teeth or Whale blubber with your John West Tuna? Ask at the counter. If the assistant doesn’t know (they probably won’t) then ask Tesco HQ about ‘bycatch’ and how much marine life is ‘co-incidentally’ slaughtered by their home-brand tuna. Photo S. Staines.

Tesco sells tuna products caught and canned by Thai Union, the owner of John West. This tuna is caught in the Indian Ocean by Spanish and French industrial fishing vessels using dFADs. You can read more about dFADs here but, in short, it is a wasteful fishing technique which indiscriminately slaughters marine life. While catching tuna the same nets also kill sharks, dolphins, whales, turtles and even sea birds. The cost to life is catastrophic. And the dFADs are often left in the Ocean to continue entangling life.

⬆️ The John West ‘infusions’ deserves clearer labelling, after all the infusions doesn’t include lost plastic fishing gear. Photo S. Staines.

Do you want to label up the tuna in your local Tesco? You can download our easy to use labels below:


Either print the product cards at you local printer at A5 size or send it here to print and deliver. Or you can print them at home, make sure you print them at actual size and in colour.

Please share any photos of your product displays with us.

And please don’t buy tuna from Tescos (or Iceland, Morrisons, Asda, Lidl and Aldi), it will kill endangered turtles, whales, dolphins and sharks.

The fate of the Ocean depends on us all.
Our interventions depend on your support.

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