Tuesday, 21 May, is the first day of the Blue Food Innovation Summit at the 5⭐️ Hilton Hotel, Bankside, London.

We noticed there’s not much advertising for the event, and at £1,495 +VAT a pass, we thought they might need our help – after all we’re sure they wouldn’t want the event to be just the same old faces talking the same old greenwash?

And who wouldn’t want to hear what the Rt Hon Lord Benyon has to say about marine die-off? Surely his knowledge from his days in the Army and as a land based farmer, a chartered surveyor and a landlord has given him a unique insight into aquaculture, fisheries and marine habitats. Or maybe he’s there to grease the hands of greedy venture capitalists (or ‘investors’) keen to make money from overfishing our planets dwindling populations of marine life.

To help the summit get off to an informative start we decided to treat the attendees and speakers to a street exhibition of our posters, posters describing some of the many ways industrial fishing is decimating fish populations. After all that’s what they’re all here to discuss isn’t it? And, once we’ve finished with our plans over the next day, we hope they’ll understand why it’s not big, or clever, to greenwash the industrialisation of the Ocean.

⬆️ What is it with Hilton Hotels? Last month it was the Deep Sea Mining Summit, this week it’s the Blue Food Innovation Greenwashing Summit – are Hilton advertising to industries who actively harm the planet? Film credit: S. Staines.

⬆️ John West, Tuna Chumps poster outside the Hilton Hotel, Bankside. It’s not John West (or their parent company Thai Union) who are the chumps – it’s us, the innocent consumers of their tuna. The packaging on their tuna says ‘responsibly sourced’ but how can dFAD caught tuna be responsible when it is decimating tuna populations and killing endangered species like whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles (to name but a few)? Thai Union’s ‘Sustainability’ Director Europe, Chris Shearlock, is speaking at the Blue Food Innovation Summit. We hope he tells the audience how bad Thai Union’s ‘product’ sourcing really is. Photo credit: S. Staines.

⬆️ The Blue Food Innovation Summit has other bad actors in attendance. Like the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) who are still certifying fisheries that kill sharks. Photo credit: S. Staines.

The fate of the Ocean depends on us all.
Our interventions depend on your support.

⬆️ Don’t turn your customers into Tuna Chumps Sainsbury’s, stop stocking John West and Princes tuna. Photo credit: S. Staines.

as the sea dies we die

Watch this space. Photo credit: S. Staines.

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