Deep sea mining conference, Bergen


As COP28 rattles on deep sea mining companies are meeting at the Hotel Norge in Bergen.

The Deep Sea Minerals 2023 conference starting next week [5 – 7 December] is yet another meeting exploring greedy opportunities to exploit the seabed. Their discussions will lead to the disturbance of the migratory routes of marine life, the release of huge plumes of silt into the Ocean and to the destruction of marine animals we know little or nothing about. Or in their words:

“Demand for critical minerals is expected to be greater than the supply from the mining industry and recycling. Further, the value chains are highly geographically concentrated, making them vulnerable to political instability, geopolitical risks, natural disasters and possible export restrictions. 

A handful of countries have taken the lead in developing technology and knowledge for exploration and extraction of deep-sea minerals. The race toward production has started…”

…what a pile of 💩.

It’s strange they don’t mention that the seabed isn’t owned by any of the companies attending. The fact the deep seabed is a commons seems to have escaped their attention. The Polymetallic Nodules, the world’s greatest deep seabed death metal band, would like to have reminded them of this, and of the noise their dirty machines make when they mash up corals and destroy unique marine habitats. A noise so loud it radiates outwards for over 500 kilometres disorienting any marine life who rely on sound for navigation.

Unfortunately the Nodules couldn’t make the trip – they don’t fly [because flying is destructive too] and Bergen is a very long way from anywhere. To make up for this we thought we’d imagine what the trip may have looked like.

⬆️ The Crew on the famous Bergen Railway.

A trip to Norway is definitely on the cards for next year. We think Loke, the Norwegian corporation who bought Lockheed Martins ‘UK Seabed Resources’ earlier this year, deserve an unsolicited gig from the Polymetallic Nodules. Perhaps we can invite them to join us in the Hotel Norge pool so they can experience how much faster noise travels underwater and how horrific this is.

⬆️ Max Sound and Matt Fishious rock the pool until the water evaporates.

We’re sure the good citizens of Bergen would be appalled to know a bunch of crooks were cooking up plans to destroy the seabed in their city. And we’re sure they would have loved to experience the sound of the Polymetallic Nodules. If anyone is reading this in Bergen please pop round to the Hotel Norge this week and let these crooks know what you think of them.

Next time the Nodules will be there with you 🤘🤘🤘

⬆️ The Polymetallic Nodules rocking out in front of a photo of the Hotel Norge. Feel the noise!

Photos by S. Staines

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