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Boris Johnson has arrived in Glasgow.

On arrival Boris immediately met up with one of his ‘Fossil Fool’ chums. Boris is always keen to get his sausage fingers round some greenwash money. The pair then set fire to a boat, a symbol of their continued destruction of our planet’s ecosystems, while chuckling and clutching hold of their ill earned cash.

The ‘Fossil Fool’ is one of the many lobbyists who are currently backhanding world governments. This one is really pleased with Boris, he’s about to sign off on the Cambo Oil Field, allowing Siccar Point to pump 170 million barrels of oil 75 miles off the shore of Shetland. The pollution this will cause is equivalent to 18 coal plants running for a year – that’s not very green is it Boris? Especially since experts at the International Energy Agency have said there can be no new fossil fuel projects, except those underway, this year if we have a hope of meeting the global goal of limiting warming to 1.5ºC.

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One ship equals one million car exhausts

Heavy Fuel Oil

The ‘Fossil Fools’ love shipping, they’re constantly lobbying the UN International Maritime Organisation. Ships burn Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) a fuel so toxic and full of sulphur it’s banned from land use – but ships happily burn it, tax free, at sea. The pollution this causes is so great a large ship burning HFO is equivalent to one million car exhausts. HFO is a byproduct of the oil process, if it wasn’t burnt at sea the fossil fuel industry would have to dispose of it by other means, and at great cost.

Human dependency on the fossil fuel industry is directly contributing to climate breakdown. Ocean Rebellion demands that COP26 makes a firm commitment to end dependency on fossil fuels and overhauls the UN International Maritime Organisation removing all fossil fuel stakeholders.

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loss Stallard from Ocean Rebellion says:
“The Cambo Oil Field is a continuation of bowing to Fossil-fuel industry pressure, we need to wean humanity off oil not dig more wells. We know Boris Johnson will do nothing, he’s a weak-willed greedy fool, but the Scottish Parliament can show true leadership and deliver a blow to Westminster by showing what a real environmental policy looks like.”

Sophie Miller from Ocean Rebellion says:
“Countless young people have already decided not to have children because the future they will face is simply too hard. With extreme weather already afflicting many people, crop-yields are failing and food shortages are leading to conflict, forced migration and famine. Our disregard of the Ocean has led to a catastrophic decline in fish stocks, with many crucial habitats totally destroyed.”

Sophie adds:
“Shipping emissions are causing elevated levels of atmospheric CO2, and the black carbon from heavy fuel oil (HFO) used in shipping, is causing accelerated melting of polar ice. HFO is a waste product of the oil industry, ships will run cleaner and better on distilled fuel. Ocean Rebellion calls for a ban on HFO, now.”

Rob Higgs says:
“We call for a drastic reduction of shipping emissions by easy means like fuel efficient slow sailing and retiring of inefficient ships, this is a minimal requirement to make the shipping industry consistent with Paris Agreement goals. There are also grounds for examining whether Frankenstein Fuels (Very Low Sulphur Fuels) endorsed by the International Marine Organisation are causing engine failures like the Wakashio which brought disaster to Mauritian shores. Ocean Rebellion calls for a ban on HFO and VLSF”.

Sophie adds:
“Liquid Natural Gas is not a viable replacement for Heavy Fuel Oil, it is proven to leak methane into the air, causing a danger to ships and even more pollution. The shipping industry must take responsibility for its pollution and stop lying to the public. This type of greenwashing was used before and must not happen again. The shipping industry must Tell the Truth and offer real solutions.”

Rob Higgs adds:
“This is an emergency. Ocean Rebellion is appealing to the delegates at COP26 to wake up, join the dots, and take immediate action. Marine habitat destruction is causing elevated levels of atmospheric CO2. For instance, UK bottom trawling [dragging heavy weights along the seabed to catch fish] generates emissions equivalent to 13% of UK terrestrial emissions.”

Ocean Rebellion demands the Scottish Parliament takes the environment seriously, protecting it for future generations to enjoy. The Cambo oil field cannot go ahead. Pumping a further 170million barrels of oil will deepen the climate crisis. Instead the UK must focus on providing alternative job opportunities in Aberdeen and other Scottish communities who rely on fossil fuel jobs. We ask the Scottish Parliament to step up and focus on renewables, rewilding and protection. We ask Nicola Sturgeon to make Fossil Fuel (and the Fools involved in it) a nightmare from the past. We know it’s pointless to appeal to Boris and his cronies, they are firmly in the pocket of the Fossil Fools.

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