no more lobbying

This is how all ‘Fossil Fool’ lobbyists should look. Oil head, and crazy stare. If they looked like this we’d easily spot them.

And they need to be spotted.

Fossil fuel lobbying and greenwash publicity has been pulling the wool over our eyes for the last (at least) forty years. In fact it’s quite easy to say the fossil fuel industry, and the numerous PR companies and Advertising agencies working for it, are responsible for the mess we’re in. The only reason Shell sponsors a climate change exhibition at the Science Museum is to greenwash the 3.7 million barrels of oil it pumps EVERY DAY. The fossil fuel industry has always lied to us.

no more lobbying 2

Our three oilhead ‘Fossil Fool’ lobbyists, who vomited 75 Litres of oil onto the ground outside the site of the forthcoming COP26 today, are an honest portrayal of what the fossil fuel industry is doing to the world. And the fossil fuel industry vomit is two-fold, there’s the actual product which pollutes our world (which we subsidise to the tune of US$6 trillion [in 2020] via tax breaks and other mixtures of, what might be termed, government backhanders) and then the toxic greenwash that covers it all up.

Our sticky oily mess was ‘greenwashed’ by our wonderfully thorough dirty scrubbers. But actual greenwash is even more thorough. While Shell claims to be “­using lower-carbon energy products to reduce Green House Gas emissions” it plans to increase its gas business by 20% in coming years and only reduce its oil business by 1-2%. BP even rebranded itself ‘Beyond Petroleum’ while still spending over 96 per cent of its capital on oil and gas. And then there’s Exxon. You can read about what they did here.

COP26 delegates must hold the fossil fuel industry to account. Ocean Rebellion believes this will only be achieved by a global ban on fossil fuel advertising and the end of fossil fuel lobbying. As a deterrent any greenwashing must be heavily punished with top executives being held criminally responsible.

no more lobbying 3

Photos: Joao Daniel Pereira

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