Disgusted Stars demand Iridium switch off their Killer Satellites now


In an open letter from Shark Guardian famous signatories added their names to an open letter asking the CEO of Iridium, Matt Desch: @IridiumBoss, to switch off their killer satellite signals.

The letter appeared in The Times after being sent to Iridium [with no response]. You can read the full letter with signatories below. Signatories included Chris Packham, Amanda Holden, Brian Eno and Alan Carr as well as leading Marine NGOs and scientists [and Ocean Rebellion of course]:


You can read more about how industrial fishing is using FADs [Fish Aggregating Devices] to step up its War on Fish in our article from last year .

And, Matt Desch: @IridiumBoss [and John West, Tescos and every other retailer who is selling Tuna caught by these monstrous devices], if you think that’s the last time we’ll be targeting FADs you are very much mistaken.

Watch this space [and stop bullshitting about outer space @IridiumBoss].

⬆️ The Times need to change, switch off the FADs.


⬆️ The article 🙂

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