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Ocean Rebellion protestors have projected a short film onto the Natural History Museum. The group are highlighting the museum’s links with a company who plan to extract metals from the deep sea bed.

Sir David Attenborough who featured in the group’s film said of Deep Sea Mining “The rush to mine this pristine and unexplored environment risks creating terrible impacts that cannot be reversed.”

Chris Packham, who also featured said “The idea of deep sea mining without proper research is pretty crazy at this time. We are living through a climate and biodiversity crisis”

Collecting the nodules of metal from the deep ocean will tear up the sea bed releasing huge amounts of sequestered carbon and destroying all marine life in its path.

The group is demanding that the Natural History Museum urgently makes a meaningful commitment to protect the ocean and that they stop refusing to sign the open letter (follow this link: already signed by hundreds of scientists and biologists, that demands a moratorium on deep sea mining until it can be firmly established that there will be no negative environmental impacts. And that they tell the truth about how destructive deep sea mining is.
They say the museum must use its tax funding to inform the public about the climate and ecological emergency and not abuse its declaration of a ‘planetary emergency’ by hosting dinners and events for companies who stand to make money by exploiting the precious resources of our living Earth and oceans.
Protesters also say the museum must stop taking funding from companies who exploit the natural world; as doing so, even if that money is used for valuable research, amounts to the museum facilitating greenwash for those directly responsible for the environmental crisis.

Is the Natural History Museum trying to Make Nature History?

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