Bjarke Ingels, sea bed smasher


open letter to bjarke ingels

Bjarke Ingels, arguably Denmarks most famous architect (certainly its biggest greenwasher), is designing doomsday vehicles to plough up the sea bed.

Commissioned by the Metals Company Bjarkes’ company will design cute looking monster machines to help greenwash the activities of this fledgling industry. By hiding the mining behind a facade of pretty vehicles, Bjarke is adding a shine to an industry that’ll accelerate the climate crisis and destroy a largely unexplored habitat.

In the words of Bjarke Ingels the extractive robot end of the process is designed to look like: “a friendly ghost gently hovering above the surface.” (source Fast Company).

Thanks Bjarke, considering the damage it’s doing, and how stupid it is, wouldn’t it be better if it looked like an enormous Troll?

If you want to know more about how destructive deep sea mining is read this.

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